me and night

Mind and soul. Writing around the Themes of my Mind.

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To my BFF/BF (when a poem turned into a letter)

There are empty nights I’m in bed as one
Hours gone since the coffee went swill
And I’m bring up feelings to remind myself
I can move at will

Missing you isn’t an emptiness worth getting used to,
There is nothing, no feeling, no filler, so small little wedge
That can void the space in my life that you belong in

I’d rather feel ‘missing you’ than feel comfortable at
Your absence; an absence worthy and needed
For your happiness which is my own.

Go forth, love, Then come running back. Your place will still
be warm. I’ll keep it so, for with every breathe I’ll be thinking of you.

Just rebloging some older stuff, don’t mind me.
Mind shift. the season of the witch is forthcoming. I’ll write soon.

Bring me Fall and a gulp of crisp air, my go go words will come alive.


Baby Prophecy Baby


An example of knowing what the basement says to you at night

is: Little little turn around bitch, you know I’m coming for you right?

An example of knowing what the trees say to you when you walk

is: Quickly, Quickly sugar baby, before the crows start to talk.

When the world is different to you…

She speaks on Unreasoning


What is brightest in sounds?

The way you move your lips around a word you found.

The ground wasn’t frozen quite enough to hold you down.

Relax when I tell you it’s alright to know how to hold my intentions

still like silence in nights empty, grey blue under the moon.

The thaw released its…

Shorts on love: Breathe


Fall in love like a song and you’re high. Roll back from your knees, arch your back and you’ll fly. A breath is a moment we can’t hold onto. Watch it dance across the room and float on.

You’ll experience a trip when you rotate around vision and fall back, hips and lips and tumble over what we’re…

Heathen light


I’m the pungent honey upon your breath
I’m the maker of your scent
What you offer me isn’t equal to the uniqueness that we’ll be.
If upon a tree we were to grow
I’d be the sapling that you sow
What meaning have we
But to see
The vile entity
That we’ll be
Once the life does cease to grow
Upon the brow of makers glow
Hold me still and hold me tight
For only life is worth the fight
When lovers do not loose the sight
Of what it means to be alright
In the midst of endless blight.

My eyelids are heavy, I can hear your voice in my head whispering me to sleep. Your heart is my hand bleeding into my dreams. My head space misted with your image. I can feel you. Distance becomes void when you’re riding on each other’s same level. Where is there to go from here? Destination love forever and the train is boarded. One way ticket into tomorrow because the future is brighter with you.

One way ticket.

We think we’ll be young forever. Then we wake up old, feeling our young hearts beating in our forever young minds and we don’t know what to do.

After midnight mass

Slight touch brings forth combustible feeling
Leaving stand up hairs poised electric

From gentle hearts come beats on the heels of dreams
And dreamers are worth speaking to

From finger tips to examples of love making, peeling
Back the clothes is necessary as clocks go tick

Continue touch, elongate feeling, as a lover weans
Off the others static matter, electric as the lightening blue


Evaluate my coming and goings
Foot steps bank my hearts content

Riveting, revolving, parameters
Concerned with unconcerning matters

Evaluate my evolution as woman, me
Define my existence against my beating pulse

Solidify, favor, foundation
Softly express a real explanation

Evaluate my fine motor skills
Dictate the delicacy of my finger tips

Solely, wholly, bravely
I’ll pull you out of maybe

Evaluate the possibilities
Evaluate the possibility
Evaluate the possible

Evolution is off the charts with fuckery.

Summer warm, blood cold

There are moments in the sun that remind me of the summers yet to come. The ones I’m holding on for.
The touch of warmth that shoots straight for the heart and melts the blood frozen there.
Deep breath to inhale the moment, to stand still and feel its pulse.
Weak, I waver at thoughts of being lost from the warmth again.
Weak, I handle what battles form with everything I’ve got left.
If you’re going with me, take my hand but ready yourself to catch me when I fall.
Because fall I will, without warning likely.
That’s just what happens when your foundation is crumbled and haunted.